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Research has proven that learning and play are one in the same for young children. It is through play that children develop social, emotional, physical and cognitive skills. The key is teaching children how to play. Children are given the skills of constructive play by providing activities and an atmosphere that will allow them to explore without hindrances. Further research has revealed that children whose parents play an active role in their child’s education do far better academically than those whose parents are not involved. Therefore, Imaginations Early Learning Centers encourages parents to participate as much as possible.

Imaginations Early Learning Centers (ELC) has designed its learning centers to be geared for children’s exploration, offering a wealth of hands-on, sensory-oriented activities. We have found through many years of experience that a stagnant atmosphere produces boredom, frustration and discipline problems. Therefore, each of our learning centers is constructed to go along with the developmentally appropriate themes and activities of the week. This means that learning centers are changed frequently to enhance the child’s developmental growth. We believe in extending this type of atmosphere outside, as well. Having children play on the same equipment all the time is not stimulating, therefore we also temporarily relocate aspects of the learning centers outside. You will notice the children building with blocks; reading, drawing and playing cognitive games, which will also develop them physically.

Our ultimate goal is to help you to develop well-rounded children that are developmentally ready for school when that time arrives. And, we feel that one way to accomplish this is through the use of stimulating and developmentally appropriate curriculum. As a result, Imaginations Early Learning Centers has blended two very distinct and exceptional curriculum’s for our children. We have chosen to use a modified A Beka curriculum, as well as the Creative Curriculum depending on the age of the child. We chose the A Beka curriculum because we believe in the development and growth of the whole child. We believe in giving children every advantage possible and the A Beka curriculum not only teaches children phonics and mathematics in a fun and exciting way but it also teaches values through the use of its Christian curriculum. While we have not adopted the entire segment of the curriculum that teaches religion, we do teach morals through the use of the some Bible stories and songs. The children get their own workbooks and are excited about this. They are even thrilled to have homework like “big kids”. Children are taught to be responsible for doing their homework and turning it in, an added bonus for when it’s time for them to go to kindergarten. The exception to our implementation of the A Beka curriculum is our two-year and under groups. The two-year old group is taught academics through the use of the Creative Curriculum, whereas we plan individual lessons or goals for each child in the infant/toddler group. We do still utilize the morals part of the A Beka Curriculum for our two-year old group. For age specific information, we have provided a link to each of our programs.

Infant Toddler Program
Ratio 3:1
Group size 6 / 9 for toddlers 15 months

Preschool Program
Ratio 10:1
Group size 20

Two Year Old Program
Ratio 6:1
Group size 12

School-aged Program
Ratio 15:1
Group size 30

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