• 1. Question: What are the hours?

    Answer: All locations operate on the same schedule from 6:00 AM – 6:30 PM.

  • 2. Question: What qualifications do your teachers meet?

    Answer: Imaginations Early Learning Centers (ELC), LLC believes in hiring the most qualified and the best representatives of the high standards we set for all of our centers. The teachers of Imaginations Early Learning Centers exceed the requirements set by the Maryland Child Care Administration (CCA). Click here to view these requirements. Specifically, our teachers must have completed one of the following: Associate Degrees, Bachelor Degrees, 90 clock hours or their equivalent of approved pre-employment training or hold the Child Development Associate Credential. Many of our teachers have over 5 years of experience working in the Early Childhood Education field. Our teachers are also required to maintain 3 times the number of Continuing Education Unit’s per year than is currently required by CCA.

  • 3. Question: How will I know about my child’s progress?

    Answer: Imaginations Early Learning Centers communicates to parents concerning through the use of daily communication books as well as through our bi-annual Parent Teacher Conferences. The Parent Teacher Conferences are held in the Fall and Spring.

  • 4. Question: What curriculum do you use?

    Answer: Imaginations Early Learning Centers uses the Abeka Curriculum for children ages 2 – 5 years of age and for our infants and toddlers we plan developmentally appropriate individual lessons or goals for each child.

  • 5. Question: Does Imaginations Early Learning Centers provide meals?

    Answer: Yes. We provide breakfast and an afternoon snack. Parents supply lunch. Every classroom is equipped with a microwave and a refrigerator so parents have the option of bringing hot or cold food.

  • 6. Question: What if my child has a disability or a special need?

    Answer: Imaginations Early Learning Centers will make every effort to accommodate all children. However, some centers maybe limited due to space or staff qualifications.

  • 7. Question: What if my child has a food allergy?

    Answer: Imaginations Early Learning Centers will make every effort to accommodate your child’s food allergy. A questionnaire is given at time of enrollment so that teachers are made aware of any allergies that your child may suffer. An allergy list is also posted in every classroom, so that all staff is advised of potentially dangerous food allergies.

  • 8. Question: Do the children go on field trips?

    Answer: Yes. We believe in providing an atmosphere that is enriching both in and out of the classroom. Therefore, we look for opportunities to expose the children to places and things that enhance their natural ability to be creative. Imaginations Early Learning Centers does not put a mile/distance limit on where we will explore to give our children every opportunity to grow and cultivate their imagination.

  • 9. Question: How are children transported on field trips?

    Answer: Imaginations Early Learning Centers takes every precaution to keep the children safe. Our Children are transported in one of two ways. We may use our small 15 passenger bus for small short distance field trips and we will use a yellow school bus or a coach bus for long distance field trips, we ensure that our drivers have clean driving records and have a FBI and State police clearance.

  • 10. Question: Does my child have to be tested prior to enrolling?

    Answer: No. However, every child will be evaluated by his/her teacher once enrolled to determine where to start the child in the curriculum being used for their particular age group. Our goal is to work with children on their own level and to develop an individual plan to enhance the child’s learning and developmental growth.

  • 11. Question: Do you allow parents to volunteer their time at the Center?

    Answer: Yes. Parents are always welcome to volunteer at the Center. We recognize the importance of parental involvement, which demonstrates to children that their parents take their education and experiences away from home very seriously.

  • 12. Question: What if I cannot volunteer at the Center? Is there some other way that I can help the center?

    Answer: Yes. We recognize that some parents have schedules that do not allow them to volunteer as often as they would like. Parents may always contact the Center’s Director to get a list of areas in which he or she might be able to lend a hand.

  • 13. Question: What is the tuition and how is it paid?

    Answer: Tuition varies by location and group and is due every Monday. Imaginations Early Learning Centers accepts credit/debit, checks and money orders. Two returned checks will result in payment being required in the form of a money order.

  • 14. Question: Do you offer part-time slots?

    Answer: Yes. Part-time slots are available at some of our locations, please inquire at a center near you.

  • 15. Question: How do you handle pushing, fighting and biting?

    Answer: These occurrences are part of the socialization process that takes place among young children. Although these behaviors are normal children must be redirected as this type of behavior often results in injuries.

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